About IO Ivana Omazić

IO Ivana Omazic is a brand that sums up the experience of Ivana and her team of creatives who interpret the beauty they find in the fragments of everyday life and times through clothing.

We devote special attention to the construction and the structure, performing an unusual number of fittings on each piece, while at the same time experimenting with the form. Every step of the way, from selection of the material to the prototypes, is done in-house.

This process is unrestricted, personal, narrative and joyful, while the design is focused on the nature of things, as opposed to the mass production. We aspire to achieve it through the concept of slow fashion.

Slow Fashion

In times that strive to define us as fast, and in which the idea of the permanent is replaced by multiplication, the need for the presence of the individual becomes indispensable as never before. Slow fashion is our reaction to these times.

We transform permanent values to values that last, summing up our experience and knowledge into a complete design, clothes that bring awareness to the process of creating and provide an authentic expression of space, time, and people. In them we see a lot of worth saving.

IO Ivana Omazic garments are created using artisanal techniques, such as hand painting, woodblock printing, hand knitting, and hand gilding. Direct touch of our hands brings each piece an inscription of its own io and shape.

Hand Paint

In the hand-painting technique, we start with an idea of a message and the shape. Experimenting with different modules, metals, papers and stickers, we develop the design.

Movements of the brush celebrate, rather than forgive, imperfections. In this process, designers imprint their own mark into each trail. The image, due to the deviation in performance, offers us the game of association and inevitably, every single piece becomes unique.

Woodblock Print

The technique of painting clothing using stamps originates from India. Stamps are handmade from linden wood, with growth rings always perpendicular to its face, since this is the best way for linden wood to absorb color.

For each collection we paint using this technique, we manufacture custom-made stamps within a specific theme. We leave it up to the artisan working with woodblock to choose patterns and combine them freely. With a special focus on the proportions of the image according to the cut, each author uses woodblock printing to create an open composition according to their own spontaneously inspired vision of the theme.

The stamp, paradoxically, designed to repeat the pattern, creates an image marked by a specific rhythm with each interpretation. This process is also narrative, and due to the stories it creates, our garments take on a specific mood.